Progressivebecause we are neither left or right, we focus real evidence based solutions that bring about change.
Pan-Europeanbecause we need to work together to tackle the challenges that we all face.
A movementbecause we are more than just a party looking for power, we collaborate with others and act outside of elections.
Our vision:We want to to see a more open society. We want a better United Kingdom and a better Europe. We are proud to be the Brits working on bringing you innovative solutions to old problems.
Rejoin Europe is more than just a union It's a symbol of peace, justice, freedom and democracy and despite its issues, it is our best hope for the future
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Democracy Values over power Elected leaders govern for the good of the people and are held accountable by the people
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Environment For our future generations We are all interconnected, and what you do to the environment, ultimately you do to yourself
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Health Health is not only the absence of disease Volt will focus on increasing overall well-being in society
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Education Equal opportunity for all The chance to learn must be the right of every person
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Economy A decent living standard for everyone Economic growth doesn't mean anything if it leaves people out
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When the world changes we can’t stand still
Scottish local elections - 5 May 2022
Make your voice heard
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Donate some of your time, knowledge and skills.
Membership is not a requirement.
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Let's build a more progressive UK.
Being a member lets you vote in internal elections and shape the future of our movement.
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Our movement is growing and so are our needs for flyers, banners, equipment and advertising.
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Cooperation knows no borders
Volt Chapters
We know that locals know what is right for their communities. That’s why we empower our local teams to act on their own initiatives to make the best impact.
For example, while our European colleagues figure out the next complex EU treaty, Volt UK could be drilling down on free trade agreements with Europe. At the same time Volt Leeds could be campaigning for local rail infrastructure improvements. Decentralisation is key to progress.
As a Pan-European movement we also learn from each other adopting the best local practices where it suits.
For example the Finnish education system receives lots of praise, Volt Finland might help us to improve education in the UK.
The more we work together and share best practice, the more successful Britain’s societies will become.