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At Volt, we connect citizens from all over Europe into a united political force to find real solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow that no single country can solve alone.

We are more than just a party, we are a movement shaping the future for our communities, our Britain and our Europe.

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Britain is a mess, the country is divided. The Government is inept and fails to listen to the people. The government received 44% of the vote yet have the power to rule unchallenged. It is time to challenge them.

Climate Change
Flight the Climate Extinction.
Empower Communities
Fight for a Federal Britain where our communities are at the centre of politics, not Westminster.
Empower People
Give people the avenues to affect change.

Meet Damian

Volt Deutschland

“When looking at Europe, one of the greater overarching problems we came across was the lack of common European solutions, for pan-European issues. From the lack of a common framework on migration and asylum to dealing with climate change across all 28 countries.”

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Global politics are broken. It’s your turn to fix it!

Founded in 2017 by three Europeans from France, Germany and Italy in the light of the Brexit referendum and the rise of populist movements, Volt was born as a pan-European movement and party aimed to push for a more progressive, pragmatic, evidence-based policy approach to transnational issues such as populism, discrimination, social and economic inequality, corruption and climate change.

Volt is the first successful pan-European political movement, focused on empowering citizens in politics for a Europe based on a strong political union between the European nations, where risks are shared and benefits reach everyone, not just a few. Through a grassroots approach to politics, and community organising initiatives, we are connecting and enabling communities, at local and national level, to become empowered and fight for a better future.



Upcoming Events

  1. Fight for the rights of EU27 Citizens!

    June 8 @ 19:00 pm - 20:30 pm


Due to current events relating the COVID-19 oubreak normal events have been suspended. We are instead launching a program of online events to replace in person events while social distancing measures are in place.

Volt UK has teams across the country with four coordination hubs in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. Politics is for everyone, it starts at the local level and then goes up. To change politics we must empower communities, join us and join your local Volt team.

Updates from Volt UK.

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