We are Volt
At Volt, we connect citizens from all over Europe into a united political force to find real solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow that no single country can solve alone.
We are more than just a party, we are a movement shaping the future for our communities, the UK and Europe.

Born from Brexit

The progressive movement was kickstarted by three Europeans from France, Germany and Italy after the Brexit vote. They were fed up with the growing populism in the EU.

The Foundation

Volt Europa was founded. The same day the UK formally announced its intention to leave the European Union under Article 50.

29 March 2017

Volt’s first Member of European Parliament

We ran in seven countries during the European parliament elections of 2019 with one EU manifesto. The German chapter of Volt succeeded in receiving one seat for Damian Boeselager.

Volt UK officially became a party

Volt has been active in the United Kingdom for some time, but from this date on we can officially run for elections.

6 January 2020

Local, regional and national successes

Volt has come far since its foundation. We have volunteers in all EU countries working hard to spread our progressive message.
With 1 seat in the EU parliament, 3 seats in a national parliament and 58 seats in city and municipal councils.

Changing the future

On a EU level we want to create our own Political Group in the European Parliament. That way we can influence EU politics for the better. The next EU parliament election is in 2024, we are working to get at least 25 people elected from seven or more countries.
On a national level we are of course fighting to rejoin the EU. Brexit has taken our EU citizenship, rights and future from us, we want them back.
On a local level there are many problems and opportunities which we would like to tackle. We do that by listening to people what their priorities are. And by creating events and actions, trying to get Volt into councils so that we can carry out the priorities ourselves.