Press Releases

Press Releases

Liz Truss: New Prime Minister – Same Politics – Statement From Volt UK

Liz Truss offers us the same politics as Boris Johnson. Only a General Election can save us.

Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister of the UK. While we send her congratulations on the result, she takes over a country mired in trade problems, a skyrocketing energy crisis, frosty relations with Europe, and an economy in recession. While electing a new Prime Minister should provide a fresh start, sadly, we’re going to get more of the same politics that we saw under Boris Johnson.

Northern Ireland Protocol – Joint Statement from Volt UK & Volt Ireland

Volt UK and Volt Ireland are deeply concerned about the current state of political deadlock in Northern Ireland.

Volt is calling upon the DUP and the British Conservative Party to end their attempts to block the restoration of the Stormont institutions – and accept the NI Protocol. A clear majority of the MLAs elected in the NI Assembly elections on 5th May 2022 are in favour of the NI Protocol. The people of NI now need their elected representatives to get back to work and deal with the urgent issues that affect their lives – such as health, education and the cost of living crisis.

Any Future of UK’s Union Depends on Radical Change

Volt UK was the only political party that submitted written evidence in response to the Committee’s Call for Evidence on “Future Governance of the UK”  

For the radicalism needed if the UK union is to have a future, Volt UK argues that changes associated with a Federal UK; Electoral Reform; a Citizens’ Assembly; a Written Constitution; and the Reform of Local Government are necessary.   

Volt Warwickshire announces candidate

Volr Warwichshire's Campaign

Volt Warwickshire is standing a candidate for the Warwickshire County Council elections to protect local businesses from Brexit, develop more affordable housing opportunities and to improve the aging transport network.