Volt in Cubbington and Leek Wootton

Luis Perdigao

Standing for Councillor in Cubbington and Leek Wootton in Warwickshire for Volt UK.

Protect Warwickshire from Brexit.

Call for the UK to Rejoin the EU.

Improve traffic safety around schools.

Safer roads for cyclists and drivers.

Improve public transport.

About me

Since moving here from Portugal, I have lived in the UK for over 20 years, first to complete a PhD, and then to work as a research scientist. I have started my family and raised 3 children here, and Warwickshire has become my home. I love Britain and its culture, Elton John, pub food like scampi and chips, cider, park runs, orienteering, TV comedies like The Office and ‘Allo ‘Allo!, and I greatly admire the UK’s technical and scientific achievements. But like so many others who have moved here from abroad, Brexit has left me concerned about the future that I, my Polish wife, my kids, my friends and all British people face in this country. What motivates me to do science and programming is that my work matters and benefits humanity, and the same motivation pushed me to get politically active and really make a change.

My vision for Britain

My goal is to make Britain more modern, sustainable, equitable, and connected. I believe this is only possible under two conditions: with Britain as a member of the EU, and with fundamental political reform to transform the adversarial, combative, bipolar nature of political discourse into a collaborative, multi-lateral, optimistic one based on compromise, shared beliefs, and good faith. But big change starts from the bottom: I am running for the Warwickshire County Council as I believe that politics is at its best when it responds to people’s needs and directly improves their lives. I also believe that politics at a local level can, and should, provide an example to Westminster of how politics should work.

My first priorities as a councillor will be:

  • We must protect Warwickshire’s businesses, which trade extensively with EU countries, from the additional burdens unnecessarily placed upon them by Brexit. We must relentlessly pressure central government to take measures to allow our businesses to continue to recruit the best talent, sell freely to their biggest export markets, and invest in our area.
  • We must not allow Brexit to cause Warwickshire to look inwards and away from Europe. Instead, we should defiantly look towards Europe and build partnerships, cultural, and economic ties to Europe more now than ever before.
  • We must make Warwickshire a place in which everyone can live in a home that affords them safety, dignity, and access to vital services. New housing must be affordable, accessible by public transport, and close to amenities like shops, playgrounds, and schools. Health care must be modern and adequate for the region needs.
  • We should invest in younger generations, provide them with free education, continuously improve schools, and ensure them a safe environment. They are Britain’s future.
  • We must improve our transport system radically, transforming it into one that is fit for the 21st century: clean, safe, sustainable, and accessible to all.

Join me, and help bring pragmatic progressivism to Warwickshire! Vote for Volt in Warwickshire.

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