Our Position on Europe

Volt UK deeply regrets that the United Kingdom has left the European Union and strongly believes that this decision hurts both the UK and the EU. 

Ultimately, Volt UK wants to see the UK inside the European family so that the UK will once again take its rightful place amongst the family of European nations.

We accept that this process will be long and, more importantly, has to be in line with major reforms being enacted in both the UK and the EU. 

Our unique pan-Europeanism gives us the tools to make these meaningful reforms in the EU, as well as in the UK. We will be working closely with Volt Europa to address the many faults of the EU, as well as reforming the injustices in the UK. 

Until then…

Deliver on Citizens’ rights 

Volt UK calls for the rights of UK citizens residing in remaining EU member states as well as other EEA countries and Switzerland and of EU, EEA and Swiss citizens living in the UK to be protected. Volt UK will support efforts to ensure that all EU-27 citizens who want to stay in the UK retain their rights to do so by completing the Settled Status application process. Additionally, EU-27 citizens living in the UK must retain their rights to vote in local elections in the UK.          

Did you know?

2.2 million EU citizens are currently part of the UK workforce?

Source: ONS

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Extend the Transition period 

Volt UK notes with concern the stated intention of the UK government to not request an extension to the transition period. The UK government’s current position and now the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic places great pressure on both UK and EU negotiators to secure a fresh deal by the end of the year. A ‘No-Deal’ – Brexit is not an acceptable outcome – it’s a scenario that could lead to problems for the EU and severe economic damage for the UK.

What to learn from the referendum 

Brexit shocked many of us, but it has highlighted all that is wrong and unjust in today’s Britain. 

Democratic reform

The First-Past-the-Post electoral system used in general elections will never truly reflect the British electorate’s views and must be replaced with a Proportional Representation system. Rules about spending for electoral purposes, especially for any future referendum, must also be tightened and enforced, so that powerful actors can’t simply buy their way to the outcome they desire.

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Empowering communities

The UK is one of the most centralised and unitary countries in Europe. Too many regions in the UK are economically and politically disadvantaged – these regions need to be given the tools and support to unlock their potential. 

People across the UK should feel empowered to take informed political decisions, be able to influence politics beyond elections alone and exercise their democratic rights within a fair, resilient and highly deliberative democracy.