Pollokshields council elections 2022

Volt Scotland’s candidate, Ewan Hoyle, is running for Pollokshields with a progressive campaign for change.

Ewan at work with the Pollokshields Space Force

Wanting to make Pollokshields a better place, regularly talking with local residents to get to know the issues that play in the area. During lockdown last year he started the Pollokshields Space Force and has been working with others to improve the community’s green-spaces and streetscapes in his free time.

Ewan is also very concerned with the national politics, which has a big effect on Glasgow.

Brexit comes to mind when talking about national politics. A big mistake for our country and mainly pushed forwards by the Conservatives. Change is needed and progressive parties should bundle their powers to get the Conservative out of the Government.

Unfortunately the biggest progressive parties don’t have the reversal of Brexit as their priority. Our voting system is namely out dated. It gives the Conservatives more seats than their share of votes, giving them absolute power over the country. Volt wants to push the progressive parties into an alliance, not to be in government but to change our voting system into one with proportional representation.

Vote for Ewan if you want someone to represent you who understands your daily struggles, willing to do everything in his power to get the needed change in your life. With a vote for Volt Scotland you are telling the other progressive parties that reversing Brexit is a priority for you.

Don’t wait for election day to make your voice heard! You are always welcome to share your problems by emailing us or to share it in this handy map if something nearby is happening.

Are you also interested in running in your council as a Volt candidate? Great! Feel free to contact us!