Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising

We are delighted to announce that ahead of the upcoming UK general election Volt UK has signed up to the Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising’s campaign to modernise the rules around political advertising.

Alex Gunter, Volt UK:

“Technology has enabled new forms of political advertising that can reach voters more than ever before yet it has also opened the door for bad and misleading campaigning. Volt UK therefore supports the Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising to make political advertising transparent, fair and honest.”

Alex Tait, Co-founder, The Coalition for Reform in Political Advertising:

“In the UK general election we are going to have a rerun of all the issues from the 2015 election and Brexit referendum including lies in paid ads and non transparent advertising. This is because rather amazingly the rules around political advertising still haven’t been modernised. We welcome Volt UK joining our coalition and demanding that changes. We encourage all the other political parties to do the same. Volt UK joins The Green Party, Independent Group for Change and Renew Party in supporting our campaign.”

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