Dr Julian Charles Blake Steps Down for the Remain Alliance

Candidate for North Norfolk for Volt UK will stand down for the Remain Alliance to prevent Vote Splitting

Volt UK recognises that Brexit is a national issue that must take priority over party. For this reason Volt UK has opted to stand down in the name of the Remain Alliance to ensure that we do not split remain votes and to ensure we achieve a maximum number of members of parliament with a positive vision for the UK and the continued membership of the EU. 

Statement by Dr Julian Charles Blake

I campaigned in the first referendum as a 14 year old school boy growing up in the austere London of the 1960s and ‘70s. Even 20 to 30 years after the Second World War, the city still bore the marks of destruction and economic stagnation that the war had brought with bomb sites and poverty left by the enormity of that conflict.

I knew then, as became evident over the next 40 years of EU membership, that the cultural, social and economic benefits would be enormous.  The economic growth in the UK from an impoverished nation requiring assistance from the IMF to the vibrant one we have now is in no small part down to the cooperation and exchange of peoples, ideas and economy across our borders which is to the benefit of the UK, the whole EU and further afield.

I intended to stand as a parliamentary candidate who fully supports the UK membership of the EU. I believe the best way to respect the reasons that many voted to leave the EU in 2016 is by remaining a member of the EU. Voters sense of disenfranchisement and being left behind by globalisation can be best addressed by working with other nation state members to improve the lives of all Europeans.

Returning a parliament with a strong mandate for remaining in the EU is in the best interest of the UK.  To give this the best possible chance I have reluctantly agreed to stand aside in favour of a strong candidate who also supports membership of the EU and is also a member of a pro remain party and supported by the Unite to Remain Alliance, the candidate for the Liberal Democrats.  By remaining in the EU, Volt will in the future be able to campaign for Local, National and Pan European solutions and policies to help all UK and European citizens.

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