Volt Scotland and Renew Scotland Campaign Announcement
Volt Announces Scottish Parliament Election Bid

Volt Scotland is putting forward two young candidates, Andrea Kozlowski in Glasgow and Stefan Diesing from Mid Scotland & Fife with the Renew Scotland.

Volt Scotland and Renew Scotland Campaign Announcement

Volt, mainly a youth led organisation is Scotland’s most pro-European party. Volt Scotland is a chapter of the wider Volt Europa Movement providing Scottish voters an alternative for young and old pro-European scots who are fed up with the bickering between the Conservatives and the SNP.

The Scottish youth overwhelmingly voted in favour of EU membership and Volt Scotland, working with Renew, has committed to ensure that Scotland remains as European as possible.

Clemens Ziesik, Leader of Volt Scotland said: “Volt Candidates are stepping forward out of frustration at the current Holyrood parties. Internal arguments and childish fights are demeaning Scottish democracy. Scotland needs an alternative to the SNP and Conservatives.

“Scottish politicians should be focusing on Scotland’s future which IS with Europe.

“Scotland is a country with so much potential, but our politicians are caught up in playground arguments.

“By standing with the Renew Party we hope that we can show Holyrood that politics can be cooperative, friendly and productive.”

Alex Gunter, Volt UK campaign manager said, “I am so excited to have been able to secure this cooperation agreement with Renew. Renew is a fantastic party with many similar goals to Volt. The people of Scotland have had enough of the bitter tribal politics and its time to change that. Volt and Renew are offering a collaborative alternative to the mayhem currently found in Holyrood.”

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