Pro-Europeans finally have a list to represent them – Volt UK announces a ‘Rejoin EU List’ for the London Assembly.

Pro-Europeans finally have a real pro-European party to vote for on the London Assembly as Volt UK and its partners are launching a pro-European list under a ‘Rejoin EU’ banner. Brexit is the biggest issue that faces London. The city deserves an Assembly that is willing to fight tooth and nail for our European rights and freedoms.

As a Pan-European Party, Volt stands firm in its support for Europe and was the first political party to call for Britain to Rejoin the EU. As part of the campaign, Volt also wants to raise awareness of the damage that Brexit is having on London to pressure incumbents to do something about it. Londoners deserve a party that will fight for Europe.

“Brexit just isn’t working”, Richard Hewison, the list’s leader said, “I am putting myself forward in this election because I feel, morally, no father can just stand by and watch the rights of their children being stripped away without taking action, and there just aren’t any other voices advocating for what is right in this election.”

Volt UK spokesperson, Alex Gunter, said “Remainers finally have a list that they can get behind. Brexit isn’t working for London. Ask either the fish traders or the city traders and they’d tell you that Brexit isn’t working. London is a European city, London’s jobs and culture are both linked with Europe, parties and politicians need to acknowledge this.

“This is a joint list of people from across the political spectrum who share a common anger over Brexit. Since January our local businesses in London have suffered and our young students no longer have the opportunities awaiting them after they leave school as they once had. This list will be a common banner for the thousands of Londoners who also feel a sense of loss over Brexit.”

Mr. Gunter went onto stress that the Rejoin List that Volt is backing for the London Assembly will not split the vote. “In the London Assembly votes are fairly distributed, pro-European Londoners have a real pro-European party to vote for.

“Now, finally, there is a chance of a real pro-EU London Assembly. It is time for Londoners to show how truly European they are. Volt will help them do that.”

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