Volt stands more firmly for Rejoin

A Brexit Deal is most certainly welcomed against a no deal however it fails to protect the issues that real people actually cared about. British people care about being able to take their dog on holiday in the summer. Without pet passports that will no longer be possible. Roaming charges will skyrocket once again, card charges might too! Healthcare will go as well, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition may struggle to afford health insurance. Students cared about being able to spend a few months abroad to study in a different country, without Erasmus they lose their funding and their grades might not follow them home. How many families can afford to send their son/daughter to Paris for 3 months? Most of all, when we order Italian wine, we expect it to be Italian. When Italians buy our kippers, they expect them to be from the Isle of Man, what will happen to our food? Britain is a food loving nation and that seems to have been forgotten.

The way that this deal has been negotiated has been shambolic. Playing the ‘strongman’ card is unbefitting of a British Prime Minister. These negotiations have caused concern, worry and even panic for millions across the country. Nearly everybody is affected by our relationship with Europe, even if people don’t go to Europe on holiday and don’t work for a company that trades with Europe, simple necessities like food, could be affected by this deal. Nobody needed to be worrying about food prices as our country slipped into ruin because of Covid-19. Vegetables are expensive enough already.

Britain has embarked on the wrong path with this Brexit deal. We, as citizens of the mother of democracy, must come together and be the opposition to these pathetic political games. The Volt UK community affirms its pledge to reform the UK and to rejoin the European Union. The UK’s democracy is ill, Britain has become the ‘sick man of Europe’. We need to fight for democracy, freedom and our rights yet combat corruption, hunger and populism. Britain also needs to rejoin the European Union. This deal is not as good as being a member of the EU. We lose out on too much and thus the only course of action is to rejoin the EU. Volt UK will campaign for the UK to rejoin the European family immediately. Our food, travel, health and future is at stake.

Featured in the New European:

First political party to commit itself to campaigning for UK to rejoin EU
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