Save Our Seeds

S.O.S! Save Our Seeds

Do you like growing your own fruit and veg? Do you enjoy the incredible choice of new F1 hybrids, long standing favourites, heirloom varieties or the unusual and unique that is available now? Sadly this amazing choice is under threat, and the culprit is Brexit.

The UK Government failed to discuss the issues with anyone except the big players in the seed industry. As a result, thousands of varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers are being blocked from entering (and leaving) the country, with small businesses facing mountains of red tape and additional costs for each and every variety they want to sell.

You can do something about it!

Volt has secured some precious seeds thanks to some very kind donations and we would like to give them to you. Diversify your green patch into a Volt #PurplePatch to stand in solidarity with our nurseries and show that new shoots can rise from the ashes of Brexit. Unfortunately due to Brexit we are unable to ships seeds outside of the UK or Northern Ireland due to regulations.

Step One

Click the button below to request a packet of seeds.

Got them? Plant your seeds.

Step Two

Take a photo of the place you planted them. Revisit the site a few weeks later and take a picture of the progress.

Step Three

Download the free app Logo Licious here:

Then import the PNG virtual sticker on the right into the app to add your Volt sticker to your pics.

(Save the PNG to your device by holding your finger on the image and choose ‘Download’ or ‘Save’).

Step Four

Now you’ve got your pictures primed and ready, post your pictures to social media using the hashtags #SaveOurSeeds & #VoltUK!