Progressivebecause we are neither left or right but we care about real solutions and bring about change.
Pan-Europeanbecause we need to come together to tackle the challenges that our countries face.
A movementbecause we are a group of people, who share the same values, who get things done and who want to take up responsibility.
Our vision:Is that politics should be as locally as possible, because that’s where people live. We want a policy approach based on pragmatism and evidence based on what works best in a community.
Independence Stronger together in a federal UK We recognise the right of self-determination and that there are a few possible paths after the referendum but the debate must be fair and avoid more borders.
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Council Elections 2022


More collaboration and less division
Clemens Ziesik
Clemens Ziesik
Scotland needs an alternative approach to politics and governance. Volt Scotland can be this alternative, based on policies that we have seen work instead of what appears to be most popular. Policies that reform this country and make it better. Volt is a party with pro-Europeanism at its heart, but we are more than that. Big changes are necessary in Scotland and the UK, and we want to deliver them. If you want to help us, join us!
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