Progressivebecause we are neither left nor right but we care about real solutions and bring about change.
Pan-Europeanbecause we need to come together to tackle the challenges that our countries face.
A movementbecause we are a group of people, who share the same values, who get things done and who want to take up responsibility.
Our vision:Is that politics should be as locally as possible, because that’s where people live. We want a policy approach based on pragmatism and evidence based on what works best in a community.

Ewan Hoyle
Volt’s candidate for the
Glasgow City Council election 2022


More collaboration and less division
Ewan Hoyle
Ewan Hoyle
Progressive politics in the UK and Scotland can only start once the Conservatives are removed from power at Westminster. A vote for Volt tells the progressive parties they need to put their differences aside and work together to get the Tories out, bring in proportional representation and keep the Tories out of majority power.
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Andrea Kozlowski
Andrea Kozlowski
I could not identify with the existing parties. Feeling unsatisfied with the current trend in politics. To me very egocentric, not thinking about the next generations or the future in general. Volt gave the possibility to be myself & act in politics without giving up my own ideas. Volt is a party for the people.
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Something wrong in your neighbourhood?
For far too long we have seen daily problems pile up by the inaction of politicians. This is one of the reasons our party was founded back in 2016.
We don’t have elected councillors yet in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to figure out a solution.
From broken street lights to fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour.
We’ll contact your council, partner up with organisations and raise awareness.
But for this we really need your help. We can’t tackle issues which we are not aware of, so tell us what is going on near you!
With over 58 elected council members in four EU countries, more and more people believe in our pragmatic “work with what you have” attitude.
Whatever the problem is, Volt will be there for you.
What is happening near you?