I used to be a Lib Dem…then I found Volt

I used to be a Lib Dem but became disenfranchised by their “Rejoin? Not just now…” positioning and subsequently discovered, and migrated to, Volt UK.

The right time to rejoin was 24th June 2016, the Lib Dems were slow to act and still are. Volt was formed as a reaction to Brexit, they were the only ones to recognise the real benefits of EU membership.

I also find the overall approach towards Europe and politics (jointly and separately) refreshingly ‘unpolitical’ being instead focused on actually fixing problems rather than just scoring points over other parties.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the EU is a powerful force in world economics and politics.

Today, Europe is peaceful and prosperous as a result of different countries sitting down and talking, rather than fighting with each other. This community of countries is what we now know as the European Union.

The EU has determined a common trade and commercial policy for 28 (now 27) countries consisting of half a billion people. No mean feat! In population terms, that’s about 1/3 of the size of China but the EU is much, much richer.

The confrontational nature of British politics (just look at the House of Commons where the Government faces the “Opposition”) deters, at a very fundamental level, the idea of working together for the greater good. Most parties outright reject the idea of co-operation and prefer to try to win elections outright.

The EU also uses Proportional Representation for elections rather than the British “First Past The Post” system which repeatedly returns minority Governments. The largest group of voters is not the same as the majority of voters. Volt calls for a co-operative and collaborative approach.

This is why I migrated to Volt. The Lib Dems have got good ideas but they fail to capture anyone’s imagination. Sure they might win a by-election or two, but now we need something new. We need Volt.

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