Pentyrch and St Fagans council elections 2022

Dear Elector,

I am proud to represent Volt UK at this election, here in Pentyrch & St Fagans.

Although I am myself in my 70s, part of my motivation in joining Volt is to show solidarity with younger age groups who are likely to suffer most now and in the longer run as a result of the craziness of Brexit.  And I especially favour clear-sighted, evidence-based policies.

Volt was founded to counter Brexit and to support our local communities, helping them to grow.  

The EU determined a common trade and commercial policy for 28 countries consisting of half a billion people.  No mean feat!

We want that back.

Why stand locally?  Because locals know what is right for their communities.  We empower our communities. If problems are solved as locally as possible, built around consensus, we can solve the challenges we each face daily.

Britain’s future depends on radical change based in evidence.  Volt UK was the only political party to make a written response to the House of Lords Constitution Committee’s call for evidence on “Future Governance of the UK”.  Volt insists that tinkering with the UK’s present structures is no solid basis for the future, nor does it address its diversity.  We need change.

It would be wonderful if you could support our campaign and if I can count on your vote on 5th May. Do bear in mind that you have 3 votes this time.  If our values are close to yours, you might care to “lend” one to Volt!

Kindest regards and every good wish,

                David F. Davies